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My name is Jon E. Jessen, and I am an attorney who has been practicing immigration law in the United States for more than 25 years. I am also the founder of U.S. Immigration Knowledge Blocks. For years I have had clients come to my office and tell me that they would try to research their particular immigration issue on the internet but end up being even more confused than when they started. I have also seen clients taken advantage of by local notarios and other unqualified persons and businesses. U.S. Immigration Knowledge Blocks provides information on specific immigration topics and issues in a way that is simple and easy to understand. However, U.S. Immigration Knowledge Blocks is not meant to be a substitute for an experienced immigration attorney. The purpose of U.S. Immigration Knowledge Blocks is to help determine whether you need the services of an immigration attorney.

With U.S. Immigration Knowledge Blocks, you will have access to:

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My first E- Book, Starting “U.S. Citizenship: What to Know BEFORE You Apply”, will be available for purchase through Amazon, with a link to our website, in the near future.  Additional E-Books will be available in the future.

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Weekly podcasts will be available for free downloading.  Every week I will discuss a new topic or issue in U.S. immigration law.

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Once a month a blog article will be published concerning a topic or issue concerning U.S. immigration law.

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In the future we plan on producing video workshops and live webinars on U.S. immigration issues and topics.

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USCIS Approval and Denial Numbers

Even though you are eligible to apply for an immigration benefit does not mean that you will be approved for that benefit.

Below are the total number of applications U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received in 2019, and the number of applications that were approved and denied (the information below is from USCIS.gov, Immigration and Citizenship Data):

Total Applications Filed

Applications Approved

Applications Denied




Our video workshops and webinars will provide the information you need concerning the specific immigration benefit you believe that you are eligible for.  

The key is to have this information before you prepare and file your application with USCIS, which may then increase your chances of success when you file your application.  The information provided by U.S. Immigration Knowledge will also help you decide whether or not you should file your application, or if you should seek the advice of an experienced immigration attorney.